Logona Herbal Hair Colour

I am always colouring my hair and over the years have gotten comfortable with experimenting with the colours.(I am quite red at the moment) I see you have written a book, and wondered if my photo was in it showing the hair colours as I would be tempted to buy a copy. I love this product so much and am so grateful I came across it. I get lots of people commenting on my hair (condition and colour) and I tell them it is Logona, but I always buy it online, as I have not seen it in any places. I should ask the owner of Wray's organics down here as they have other brands
Feedback from customer

Logona Lipstick Pencils - Aubergine

For a long time I used to drive to a particular health food store in Bondi Junction just to buy my favourite lipstick. It was Logona's lip pencil in aubergine. Maybe I am boring but I wore this same colour for years because it had a strong tint, did not dry my lips and was natural. Sometimes when I wore it I received compliments. In the past the synthetic brands gave me that strong, matt VAVOOM look that suits me but I didn't like their toxic ingredients.

Then there are the natural brands which tend to have weak tints or would bleed because they are too oily. So when I went into this store one day and saw they were on special I bought three. I now know that they were reduced because the store was closing down. Today I noticed that my last pencil was getting low and I googled Logona to see where else I could buy it. I then had a nice chat to Sue in Queensland and on hearing about how much I like the product she asked me to send her an honest testimonial. So here it is!

I am looking forward to buying my next Logona lip pencil and I might even be adventurous and buy some other colours or try the hair products.

Linda, Pagewood NSW

Logona Herbal Hair Colour

Hi my name is Karen Lear and I have been using Logona hair colors for 3 years. And I love them, I colored my hair about 4 weeks ago by mixing 3 different cream colors together and as my hair is about 80% grey I am very pleased with the coverege. My hair is a very natural color and it does not look like dyed hair at all I am very happy with how the color is holding. To keep the color I wash my hair with logona shampoo and conditioner and the color will last till it grows out. Because the color is so natural you cannot see the root growth till it is quite long. Love the product .
Karen Lear

Logona Herbal Hair Colour

Just wanted to update you; I have used the Natural Brown Henna on my roots to ends even though you had advised I only did my roots. I am very happy with the result. My grey is completely covered in the front patch where it was almost 100% grey. You had advised I use Sahara on the grey but I could not wait to try it; I hadn't ordered Sahara in my original order and I was too excited, so I just threw it over the whole head.

Thank you for your patience with all of my questioning and I must say I love your book. My friends and I are very concerned with removing chemicals from our lives where possible. I was unable to fall pregnant until I had done many years of cleansing the toxins from my body and then I lost the first two babies. To this day I still blame the toxic build up I had endured over 15 years in the Hairdressing Salon. I was a mess! And I totally agree; there was no such thing as a Material Safety Data Sheet.

I worked with a girl who had to have her nasal passages scraped because she didn't observe the safety guideline when mixing bleach and peroxide, which was to 'hold your breath'. Laughable and tragic! In fact I worked with many women who simply could not maintain a pregnancy. I cannot walk passed a Salon now without feeling sick from the stench.

I am excited and grateful that I no longer need to colour my hair with chemicals and I can still have a modern fresh look and I don't have to worry about additives.

Happy Customer


Logona Herbal Hair Colors Black 

Obtaining Black and very dark brown hair from Base 50% grey hair
We don't know what is the main factor but the following combination works: 
1. half umber brown + half black henna
2. instead of hot water, we used black tea in boiling water
3. in addition, 2 tablespoons white vinegar added (this was recommended by my wife's hairdresser)
4. The daily care logona shampoo definitely makes a huge difference in retaining the color!

The results of the umber brown and black mixed is in fact a really nice natural black colour. For the first 2 days, there is a greenish tinge but after that, it looks great. In contrast, with most other black hair dye products, the black color is usually is too dark and looks, clearly dyed.

Logona & Sante Makeup
I have used the Logona and Sante,  Eye Liner and Eye shadows and also the foundations.  What a beautiful product, feels great to use and the colours are amazing.  I will definitely be purchasing these products again.  They are not like anything that I have tried before, no chunky, oily residue, very smooth and natural.- Shea- Shea McLean